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  • Welcome to Low Rates, High Returns.

    December 24, 2019 by

    “Rule #1: Don’t lose money. Rule #2: See rule #1”. ——— Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway. Net worth: A$125 billion. This is the first post on our new blog; stay tuned for many more. Please note the information on this blog and in the book is general in nature, and it can’t take into account your… Read more

  • Narratives versus numbers (echoes of the Nifty Fifty)

    June 28, 2020 by

    Statistics over stories – with Stephen Moriarty We all love stories. Words that describe emotions can teleport us into the world depicted in the tale, and this can lead to a form of ‘neural coupling’ with the storyteller. Investors are also naturally drawn to narratives or stories: The current frothy environment appears to have a… Read more

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