G’day, from Pete & Stephen; here’s what’s coming…

Hello, it’s Pete Wargent & Stephen Moriarty here from Next Level Wealth.

Our new book will be released in February 2020.

Here on this blog we’ll post some of our thoughts on why we’re getting set for a period of turmoil in some global markets ahead, and how we can position ourselves accordingly to benefit from this.

Over the past 15 years:

  • We’ve developed 8 timeless principles for prosperous investing;
  • Which today can easily be applied successfully to all market conditions at all times (unlike many passive strategies which work some of the time, but fail to deliver at others); and
  • Are proven to deliver robust returns safely through the cycles.

The problem with some passive or ‘buy and hold’ strategies – which generally become popular in bull markets – is that they work in some decades, but not in others.

A timeless investment strategy is not dependent upon market conditions, and is one that will work today, or 100 years from now…or even 1,000 years from now.

Hence, timeless.

What we’ll look to post here on the blog may include:

  • Some of the key concepts from our new book
  • Why a systematic approach to your investing is critical for long-term success
  • Why the oft-quoted ‘average’ returns from investing can be so misleading
  • Why the key to becoming wealthy is not losing money…so you can continue to compound your returns without being set back by significant losses
  • How you can buy low and sell high to deliver above-average results; yes, you can time the market!
  • The risk hierarchy: how it’s become so much easier today to reduce company-specific risk
  • How you can use the inevitable market cycles and mean reversion to make your money work harder (looking both at home markets and internationally)
  • Why market volatility should be your friend, not something to be feared
  • The Enneagram assessment and the ‘9 types’ – the vital role understanding your personality type plays in investment behaviours & results
  • How a regular rebalancing strategy reduces risk in your portfolio, and can effectively force you to buy low & sell high
  • Real-time thoughts on what’s happening in global markets

We look forward to sharing more here with you in the lead-up to our book launch in Sydney in early 2020.

Remember…it’s not that hard, honestly!

By the way, if you’re interested in working together with us directly you can find out more about our coaching programs here.

Cheers, and happy investing,

Pete & Stephen

Published by petewargent

CEO Next Level Wealth, & AllenWargent Property Buyers, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, & London. Leading Australian market analyst, & 6-time published finance author. For more see: petewargent.com petewargent.blogspot.com Qualifications including: B.A. (Hons.) Industrial History, Chartered Accountant (FCA), Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning), Chartered Secretary, Advanced Diploma Applied Corporate Governance.

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