Sticking to the principles (and avoiding recency bias)

Recency bias One bias we are all prone to is recency bias – a situation where we think (feel, really) that things will pretty much be the same and there will be no shocks or unwelcome surprises.  But markets aren’t known as the Great Humiliator for nothing. It’s usually when we least expect it thatContinue reading “Sticking to the principles (and avoiding recency bias)”

Scout’s honour (value versus growth)

The information in this blog post is general market commentary in nature only. It cannot take into account individual circumstances and does not constitute financial advice. Value versus growth We’ve discussed value versus growth previously, and we believe that ‘value’ will outperform growth over the coming cycle. Recall that growth has had a spectacular runContinue reading “Scout’s honour (value versus growth)”

Value investing through a crisis

Disclaimer: the information in this post represents general market commentary only, and does not constitute advice in any way. Too early…or too late? As we’ve been saying for a long while global stock markets have been a somewhat difficult place for investors like us who adopt a systematic approach and remain steadfast to our investmentContinue reading “Value investing through a crisis”

No, you haven’t missed out on the opportunities (avoiding FOMO)

FOMO rears its head We’ve just had a couple of years of investors and speculators becoming increasingly fearful of missing out on late cycle stock market gains. But that third or rampant speculation phase of the market cycle has now passed. Prudent investors prepared for the crash by reducing their market exposure. But some areContinue reading “No, you haven’t missed out on the opportunities (avoiding FOMO)”

Staying systematic (signal versus noise)

If you fail to plan… Systematic investing is one of our 4 thought principles which form part of our broader investment philosophy and part of our 8 timeless principles for generating wealth from stock market investing.  We believe utilising a systematic approach will be more successful than any other method is generating wealth from investing inContinue reading “Staying systematic (signal versus noise)”

Market turbulence: Our 8 timeless principles as a guide for stock selection

Note: the information in this post is general in nature only and does not in any way constitute advice. Individual circumstances differ, so always seek licensed advice before making investment decisions. Turbulence ahead We’re living through turbulent times and we have no doubts that the global economy is in for a rough period ahead. WeContinue reading “Market turbulence: Our 8 timeless principles as a guide for stock selection”