Yes, you can buy low…and sell high

The bipolar moods of Mr. Market ‘Buy low, sell high’ is one of those sage pieces of advice that just sounds too simple, but it can be done. Stock markets are mean reverting, so although they swing higher and lower through the cycles, over time markets tend to revert towards a long-term mean or averageContinue reading “Yes, you can buy low…and sell high”

Welcome to Low Rates, High Returns.

“Rule #1: Don’t lose money. Rule #2: See rule #1”. ——— Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway. Net worth: A$125 billion. This is the first post on our new blog; stay tuned for many more. Please note the information on this blog and in the book is general in nature, and it can’t take into account yourContinue reading “Welcome to Low Rates, High Returns.”

G’day, from Pete & Stephen; here’s what’s coming…

Hello, it’s Pete Wargent & Stephen Moriarty here from Next Level Wealth. Our new book will be released in February 2020. Here on this blog we’ll post some of our thoughts on why we’re getting set for a period of turmoil in some global markets ahead, and how we can position ourselves accordingly to benefitContinue reading “G’day, from Pete & Stephen; here’s what’s coming…”